Seevun & Kevin


About Seevun

Seevun is currently finishing up her third year of law school at Harvard. Accordingly, she has no time to write a bio. ;p Before law school, Seevun spent almost a decade studying and working abroad. While in law school, Seevun was surprised to uncover a passion for taxation, and she's looking forward to doing international tax work at a law firm next year (assuming she passes the bar exam!). In her free time, Seevun maintains a variety of hobbies including CrossFit, ocean swimming, triathlon, and collecting rare books. She looks forward to resuming these activities after graduation in May!


About Kevin

Kevin grew up in Wisconsin, moving away from the frozen tundra to attend Caltech in Pasadena. He enjoys the outdoors, from rock climbing to camping. He works at a startup as an electrical engineer, designing microchips to make your cellphone battery last longer (hopefully). In his spare time, Kevin volunteers as a member of the local wilderness Search and Rescue team.

Seevun + Kevin

About Us

Kevin sent Seevun a message on OkCupid and thankfully Seevun responded. After discussing CrossFit and travel, they met over dinner at Local Peasant, a bar convieniently located halfway between them. Despite living over 40 miles apart on opposite sides of Los Angeles, a city known for terrible traffic, they continued dating and falling in love. They enjoy many adventures together, from camping in the Sierras to traveling the globe.

Seevun + Kevin

About the Proposal

After a delicious and romantic dinner of exotic meats at Saddle Peak Lodge, Kevin took Seevun on a full moon hike at Cheeseboro Canyon, the same place he took her when he asked her to be his girlfriend. At the top of the hill, he got down on one knee and asked Seevun to marry him, exactly 29 months after their first date. Seevun heard his heart pounding during the hike up the hill and she knew something was up because it was not that strenuous a hike (and Kevin was not in such poor shape). Dazed with happiness, she said “yes” instantly and didn’t even notice the beautiful ring on her finger until the next day.

Our Parents

Manny + Ravit


Manny (Menashe) was born in Israel, but has been in the US for almost 40 years and is a true Los Angelino at heart. When he’s not working on his swing (and sneaking a cigar), he and his wife, Ravit, are chasing around their three boys. Manny and Ravit wish Seevun and Kevin a happy and successful life together. They’re very happy to have Kevin in the family, and of course, Manny wishes Kevin will become a better golfer. ;)

Lea, Aaron, + Yuval


Lea was born in Haifa, Israel and moved to Los Angeles when she was ten. She loves walking, swimming (like a turtle), and spoiling her family and friends with lovingly prepared meals. She is married to Aaron, who has brought into her life great joy, including a fast growing teenage son, Yuval. Lea fell in love with Kevin as soon as she met him, and is grateful that Seevun was fortunate to fall in love with the man that she truly deserves.



Ed was born in New York where the rest of his family still lives. He loves living in Milwaukee with his beautiful wife, Laura, and Kevin's sister, Kateri, with whom he enjoys birding, hiking, canoeing, and travel. Ed is extremely proud of his two children, Kevin and Kateri, who bring him joy and delight. Ed is excited and joyful that Seevun will now be part of the family.



Pat grew up in Germany and moved to Wisconsin in 1972. She is a computer programmer and loves to paint in her spare time. She is very happy that her favorite son is marrying such a wonderful woman, and she wishes them a wonderful life together.




Liat grew up in Los Angeles, California. She studied at ORT College and is a pharmacy technician. In her free time she enjoys hiking and going to the beach. She is so excited that her big sister is marrying such a wonderful man and wishes them all the love and happiness in the world. Xoxo



Kateri grew up in Milwaukee where she still lives. She studied in Dubuque, Iowa, for a year before transferring to Milwaukee Area Technical College, from which she will graduate this spring. Kateri enjoys singing, writing, and traveling with her family. She is excited and happy for Kevin and Seevun and wishes them joy and all good things.


Liam, Ori, Eden

Liam, Ori, & Eden

Seevun's brothers, Liam (6 year old), Ori (5), and Eden (3) are very excited to have a new brother, Kevin. Their hobbies include playing video games, practicing karate, and keeping everyone around them on their toes. An added bonus, since Kevin and Eden share the same birthday (different years), is that we only need one cake!